Water filtration system

Self-Contained Water
Treatment System

E.D.S. Pumps & Water Treatment Ltd., has developed the “Water Pod” product to deliver potable water for your crew at any location.

Portable Water Pod

The “Water Pod” is designed as a self-contained water treatment system that can be deployed anywhere in the world.

How It Works

Once the Water Pod is offloaded, it is "plug 'n play!" Simply connect it to electrical and water sources and fresh water is on the way.

Connect the power source into our panel, connect to the water inlet and outlet ports and follow our documented startup procedure to have the system up and making potable water within a few hours of arrival at your site. Request more info
Potable Water Delivery System


A self-contained water treatment system that is ideal for a variety of applications
  • Remote work camps
  • Field hospitals
  • Military camps
  • Disaster relief
  • Rural communities

Fast delivery to any location

The shell is a tough steel container that can be shipped via ship, rail or truck to any geographical location. We offer fast delivery and the shell meets all international shipping requirements for shipboard transport.
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Our team of certified pump and water treatment specialists works closely with you to ensure that each system is designed to your individual requirements and complete satisfaction. Each Water Pod is designed to meet the specific conditions of its end destination. We offer a large array of options which will make the water pod completely customizable.

Containerized steel water treatment product
  • Certified Wood Products
    To meet each countries customs importation laws.
  • Seismic Strapping
    Each piece of major equipment is secured to help prevent shifting and/or movement during transport and seismic activity.
  • Preplumbed
    Piping can be completed with a variety of approved materials such as: stainless steel, pvc, copper and pex.
  • Strong Corrugated Steel Shell
  • All materials meet CSA and NSF standards
    All pumps, water treatment and electrical is CSA and NSF-61 approved.
    Before leaving our office every system is pressure tested for any leaks and quality performance.
    Containers can be insulated to a number of R values; all units come with electric baseboard heating units to prevent freezing of pipes or an optional diesel heater.
    Customers choice of colours, including military camouflage colour requirements. Interiors can include certified wood or fibreglass panels.
    Flooring, emergency eyewash station, ventilation, workstation, sink, remote monitoring and more!
Electrically powered treatment system


  • Prewired electrical panel
  • Prewired lighting
  • Electric baseboard heat
  • Generator backup
Customizable water treatment system


  • Optional diesel heater
  • Optional Engineered Certification and blue prints
  • Optional fiberglass wall boards
  • Custom painted exterior and camouflage
Potable water treatment system

Water Sources

Thanks to the special filtration system designed by Water Pump Engineers and Filtration Specialists the EDS Water Pod can accept water from a variety of sources!

  • Rivers
  • Streams
  • Ponds
  • Lakes
  • Wells
  • ...and many more!


We are Certified Water Treatment Specialists, Certified Pump Installers,
Certified Electricians and Environmental Operators


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